Sunday, May 22, 2016

39 and new WWOOFer

Today I turn 39. Actually, the first birthday I celebrated on this Blog was my 29th. Here is a flashback to that on May 22, 2006. 

I was so excited that my MOM gets to be here for my birthday!!!! Pictured from left above are: me, Hannah, Abigail, Emily, Isaac, Sidge, Grama K., Grama Di (my mom!), Grampa K., and JB.

The picture above is from last night at Dairy Queen. We went and all got ice cream from my birthday. Our new WWOOFer, Emily, is pictured in the back left. She is from New Zealand.

During our DQ celebration, we learned that New Zealanders have an animal called the possum but we have the opossum. She also had never tried an Oreo which we hope to rectify.

We also learned that she is taught in school that there are seven continents just as we are. Our French Canadian WWOOFer is taught that there are five!

So many things we are learning with all these wonderful people here.

Hard to believe that I've celebrated ten birthdays on this Blog!!


Anonymous said...

Random factoid - I live in Ontario and we were always taught that there are 7 continents. I'm 30 so can't speak to what they are teaching kids right now, but it's very interesting to me to hear/read that others in Canada are taught something very different. Thanks for sharing :)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

We all did some researcher and people are taught this:

He lived in Paris until fourteen so may have gotten it there.