Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Funnies (Mother's Day style)

For Mother's Day, Isaac drew me a picture of all the things that are chocolate that he could think of, knowing how much I love them. (The one in the top right is a tootsie roll. Just in case you are wondering.) (And actually, I really don't like tootsie rolls.)


John had to work on Mother's Day. He did give me a gift, but it was too early to have the kids involved. Later that morning, I asked Abigail to draw a picture for her Grama K. and for our neighbor Robbie who lost her daughter to cancer this past year. As she was drawing she said, "Mom when will be the Mother's Day for you?" I asked her what she meant. "Well we are drawing pictures for Grama and Ms. Robbie but when is the day of the year that we draw them for you?"

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