Friday, May 27, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Pics of Pups

Joni got some cute pics of the pups. They are growing like crazy! I miss Scrubby every single day, and in my heart I keep thinking "I won't ever love these doggies like I loved my Scrubby." But I still like them a lot, and if I am being honest, they are WAY easier puppies than Scrubby was. And they are super cute. So maybe I'll love them close to the spot in my heart that Scrubs occupied. Someday.

Arabelle -- the spunky, spitfire. She already seems to be the little woman who will run Ritter's life.

Ritter -- the loveable ball of fuzz whose favorite thing to do is get ahead of you when you are walking and drop to the ground and lay on his back and wait for you to scratch his belly.

A bit blurry but with Joni!

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Lara Stafford said...

Aww I miss that puppy stage!