Friday, May 13, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Meet "Ballerina"

Our very favorite sheep, Snowball, delivered an adorable black lamb with little white "crown" today. Our WWOOFer, Jordan, said he named one like at that previous farm he was at "Bald-ee" and so we decided to do the same thing. But since this was a girl, Abigail was aghast at the name and changed it to "Ballerina." So there you have it.

Because Snowball is so friendly, she had no problem with us getting close to give both us and "Ballerina" some love. Check it out:

On our way back, Mr. Jordan showed the kids a bird's nest he found and then the kiddos found a frog. Isaac actually found it but did not want to hold it. So the other two did the holding:

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