Sunday, May 22, 2016

Three Gramas in one day

What kind of gal gets all three of the "gramas" in the family here in ONE DAY?

What a GREAT birthday that is for me.

And how excited the kids were.

It just worked out that Joni could fly in on the day my mom flew out. In fact, they waved at each other as my mom was in the security line and Joni was walking out the door of the arrival flights. Grama Di off to Fort Lauderdale. Joni arriving from Fort Lauderdale.

I actually did not tell the kiddos that Joni was coming. They were SO confused when she exited the arrival door. They were still drying tears from Grama Di leaving when they saw Joni coming. (Isaac was having the hardest time moving from the sadness of one Grama leaving to the excitement of one coming.)

I'm just so blessed I got to be with all THREE of these wonderful ladies on my birthday!!!

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