Tuesday, May 03, 2016

We Bought a Farm; Guinea Egg Nest

Guineas lay nests in crazy places. It is basically an Easter Egg hunt if you want to find a nest. Once you find a nest, if you remove the eggs, they might lay there 1 or 2 more days before they move and find a new nest! We have found a few nests before with 2-3 dozen eggs in it. But today, our current WWOOFer Jordan discovered a nest with well over 100 eggs! It was enough to fill up HALF of a 5-gallon bucket:

After a lot of discussion, we decided that on the whole, we didn't really want nor could we eat this many eggs. We have so many chicken and duck eggs right now, and we were a little fearful that some of the eggs might be bed (or fertilizing) so we decided that after Jordan kept some for himself, we would instead boil them and feed them to our pigs. Here are the kiddos (and Jordan -- who is sooo good with the kids) preparing for the boiling to begin.

And here is a funny picture of them all "gawking" at the load of eggs!

We ar SO enjoying our WWOOFer's here on the farm. Jordan really wants to experience American culture and what our lives are like so he has joined us for church, participated in cooking, and even cooked a fantastic meal himself tonight. He says he doesn't speak good English, but I tell you what. I if an American went to France speaking half as much French as he speaks English, we'd be pretty proud of ourselves. 

Each WWOOFer brings different things to a farm. Truly the experience is about sharing from both sides. Jordan is fantastic with kids, and has been sharing a lot of his Canadian and French culture with us. (He lived in France until age 14 and then has been in Quebec since then.) 

We know that chances are, we will get a bad WWOOFer at some point, but so far, the three individuals we have had through this program have been outstanding!

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