Saturday, May 14, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Bauernhof Kitsteiner Lambs

We are really hoping not to tag our lambs ears. We might have to do that but for now, we are hoping that through good observation and record keeping, we can keep track of who is who. Not only do we not want to have to tag ears, but tagged lambs cannot be sold to some religious groups for food. Keep tuning in for more updates as I am pretty sure we have 3 moms that will have a baby in the next day or two. We currently have 9 moms and we are pretty sure that 7 of them are very pregnant.

"Lotsa Freckles"
(Dark blue collar) 
Twin male white lambs
April 5 or 6, 2016 
Delivered without us present

"Cinnamon" (& baby girl "Spice")
(Purple collar) 
Single dark brown female
April 7, 2016 
Delivered with us present but unassisted

(Light Blue collar)
Single light brown male 
April 7, 2016 
Delivered with us present; needed assistance with delivery and took awhile to get up and nurse baby.

These pictures above show the two lambs and their moms born on the same day. In the back is Cinnamon and her darker brown female lamb who was born first. In the front is Anna. Anna is smaller and currently not as white as Cinnamon. Her lamb is lighter. She had the more complicated birth.

"Brown Spot" (& baby girl "Snow White")
(Dark pink collar)
Bright white female
April 17, 2016 
Delivered without us present
Mom seemed very attentive. It appeared baby was having trouble latching on, but she may have been doing better than we thought.

"Tear Drop" (& baby boy)
(Red collar)
Single black male
April 18, 2016 
Delivered without us present

"Little Brown Spot" (& baby boy)
(Black collar)
Single white male with brown collar
April 19, 2016 
Delivered with Daniel present

"Snowball" (& baby girl "Ballerina")
(Hot pink collar)
Single black female with white "crown"
May 13, 2016 
Delivered with no one present; Wendi found about 30 minutes after birth

Current Count: 7 of 9 moms delivered
Baby Count: 8 babies (1 set twins, 6 singletons)
Sex Count: 3 females; 5 males

Dark blue collar and orange collar (brown-spotted white lamb) did not have hooves trimmed.

Non-delivered moms: Runt (orange collar) and brown freckles (orange collar)

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