Sunday, May 29, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Emily Introduces Lolly Cake (and more!)

One of the reasons we were excited to have WWOOFers here with us on the farm is the cultural exchange that takes place. Our current WWOOFer is Emily who is from New Zealand. She is doing a year of overseas study and is spending her summer break travelling around the USA. She has been an absolute delight to have here on the farm. Here is her doing a puzzle with Hannah. (Check out Hannah's bear in front of her face.) 

I've spoken about this previously, but our WWOOFers live in a separate apartment from our house, but they have all their meals in their home and are welcome to spend time with our family. Emily is our fourth WWOOFer and each one is different. Some want to cook. Some like to clean. Some want to play with the kids. Some want to stick to farm work. We try to get our needs to meet the WWOOFers needs and wants. The only base-line expectations we have is that individuals help us with basic animal care. Outside of that, it is really up to them.

For example, Emily is a Geography and Geology major. (Did I mention that I have a son who is obsessed with geography and rocks?) She has been taking a class on map-making so she decided to try to do a map of our woods while she is here. We are really excited about that as we have 60 acres and have been wanting to know the best way to the top of our ridge. Emily is going to help with that.

Tonight, Emily decided to make dinner for us. She had her mom in New Zealand help her with a recipe. The dinner was delicious. But the dessert was ... awesome!! It's called Lolly Cake. It totally did not look like something I would like, but it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

This isn't a picture of her cake, but you get the idea!

Emily and the kiddos enjoying dinner! They all ate the dinner ...

.... and they all loved the dessert!

Hannah absolutely ADORES Emily. Her favorite line, every day, is "Ms. Emily, can you play with me?"


Anonymous said...

So....where did she gather the ingredients for the lolly cake....especially the candies and biscuits.

Pam (Emily's mum) said...

Yes, it's really supposed to look like a log, not all gloopy. We do like it though.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

It may have been goopy but it was absolutely DELICIOUS. Four kids devouring it (and one mom eating way more than she should have after the kids went to bed.) I totally want to try it. We Americans have some goopy desserts too. (Like 'no bake' cookies. They look a mess!)

Stephen said...

Stephen (Emily's Dad) said

Good stuff Emily - you are very lucky to be with such lovely family :-)

FYI - Emily is our family expert at Pavlova's (Made from egg whites) - which is my favourite desert in world esp when covered with cream and Kiwifruit.

I cant think of unique kiwi food but my favourite food is parsnips in a roast or lamb forequarter chops. When I was young my grandmother made Colonial Goose which was stuffed Mutton (.. the early settlers didnt have geese) - and my mum made pea and ham soup.