Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two more auction items!

When I had Isaac in 2008, my friend Kelly sent me an adorable baby block to celebrate his birth. I loved them and have kept them a secret so I could continue to give them as gifts. When we held our online auction last month, I asked the people at Craft-E-Family if they would consider providing one of these baby blocks for the auction. They came through, but not in time for the original auction. I have therefore decided to do a little "secondary" auction with two of their products. (This is hard for me to do because I am giving away my secret baby gift idea! But I love this company and feel it is worth it to do so!)

100% of money raised from these two items will go to support BECAUSE OF ISAAC's current couple: Ryan & Briana Huisman.

Please consider bidding on one of these two items, and even if you don't bid PLEASE spend some time on Craft-E-Family's website. They have a ton of different products for special events like baptisms and adoptions, and just regular ol' life stuff. They are a family-run business and have done an amazing job with the dozens of blocks I have ordered from them (four of which I own myself!)

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR BID TO: Auction will close on Thursday, February 20th at 4pm EST, 8pm Azores time.

Current Bid: $20 by Anonymous

The winner of this all natural maple block will receive a gift certificate to purchase a block in the future. You can buy one for your own child or order one for someone else. (They have blocks for birth and adoption). This will include shipping of the product. Details on the block include:

Baby's full nam
Date and time of birth
Baby's weight and length
Name of Parents
Location of birth
(Optional items available as well including siblings, hospital, and who the gift is from)


Current Bid: $20 by Anonymous

Front view

Back view

A great gift for the little bug catchers, each bug box is engraved with the bug hunter's name. Select from three colors for the bug hunter's name (blue, pink, or purple)/ Rugged design and construction, made with Indiana hardwood. All Natural, no finish. Now kids can paint their own bug boxes. Nylon screen for viewing bugs. Dimension:  8 x 4 x 5 inches. 

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