Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our princess

Abigail has started to express interest in what she wears. This means that she is picking fancy dresses when it is time to go outside and play. I long ago decided I would not stress what my kids wear. It is just not worth a big fight to me. As long as it is appropriate for the climate, I'll basically support it. (Although we have put a limit on wearing superhero costumes out in public just because that is all they would wear.)

Here is Abigail in her outfit of choice for Tuesday. This is actually a dress with matching baby doll dress that Daddy picked out for her on her first birthday. (I buy all my clothes used so I was pretty aghast when he came home with this number which was only marked down 25%!)

All smiles

Showing off baby

Trying to fix baby's dress

Wanting to make sure I got a picture of the boots

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Kathleen said...

The boots TOTALLY make the outfit!! So adorable!