Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Mommy, can you take pictures of us flying?"

Today was 65 degrees. Nearly hot. In fact, the boys had to take off the clothes they normally wear under their costumes in order to prevent overheating. All last winter I don't remember a day like this ever. It was glorious.

We spent the morning with MOPs -- first in the Community Center -- and then, when the sunlight streaming through the big windows became too great a lure for us -- at the big park next to Daddy's Clinic. From there, we headed back to the house. Just in time to get Abigail and Hannah down for a nap. 

The boys were thrilled when I told them that instead of "Quiet reading time" (or Wipe-Your-Own-Butt-Time)  they could skip it if they'd agree to play outside. They immediately agreed.

"But Mommy," Isaac said. "Could you come outside with us? We want you to take pictures of us flying."

I agreed. After each photo, they would stop and say, "Okay, can we see that one. We need to see if we look like we are flying."

They moved on to another part of the garden. Isaac was the leader. He kept telling Sidge what to do. And Sidge would quickly agree, almost as if he thought it up himself. "Okay, yeah Isaac. That's what I am going to do. That's a great idea." Here, Isaac is trying to explain to Sidge that he needs to hold his arm up like the real Iron Patriot does. (Oh, didn't you know? This costume Sidge is wearing is not Iron Man. Apparently there are distinctive differences.)

From there, they wanted to get somewhere higher. So they moved on to the slide. I bought this slide for $10 on the yardsale page when we first moved here. Man has it been worth its sale price.

Tired of the slide, they asked if chairs would get them high enough to fly. I didn't have the heart to explain that none of these would quite look like flying. I told them to try whatever they wanted, and I'd do my best, with my one class of photo journalism in college, to make it look like they were truly soaring.

Could I take a picture of them just smiling and not jumping or doing any sort of superhero moves? They agreed to one:

Then Sidge asked if I could please take a picture of his face "bigger". I assume he meant a close-up of his face. So I tried that:

And because Sidge did it, Isaac asked if he too could see a "big face" in the review window:

"And Mom," he said next. "Could you just get a big picture of my symbol? Everyone needs to see that."

It was one of those afternoons in which I was aware, with every second, that I won't get many opportunities to photograph my children in Superhero costumes.

"Would you please not grow up anymore?" I asked them both as we walked back up to the house.

"We can't help it," Sidge said. "We just keep growing."

Don't I know.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture with dog-that's-not-Scrubs! S/He looks a little scared of the flying boys! :)

I know this may sound crazy, but you might try laying on the ground when taking "flying" pictures. The perspective might be just what they're looking for!


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Shannon, oh yes, the anonymous dog in the picture. His name is Sky. He lives across the street. And he REFUSES TO GO BACK TO HIS HOUSE. He is at our house ALL DAY LONG!!!! LOL.