Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre-walker toys

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I decided to be a little more exclusive with this post. These are items that I really, really love for babies who are between 5-9 months of age. This means items designed for the baby who is now moving around a lot and holding things but not walking. Here are my favorites:

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether Toy

I recently received this as a gift and just love this toy. So does Hannah. It bends and twists and with different textures it sort of fulfills a bunch of purposes in one toy. I can also hook it onto the "links" pictured below when we go out to prevent it from hitting the floor!

2 Pack Fresh Food Feeders

I'm a recent convert to these! Not sure if they existed when the boys were little, but man do I love them now. You put a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable or any other item you like inside, and baby can suck on them without a choking hazard. Brilliant!

Silly Buddy Pacifier Holder

 I am a HUGE fan of these pacifier holders. They make a great toy, and with Abigail, we never ONCE lost her darn pacifier. In addition, in the middle of the night, it's much easier for baby and parents to find the missing pacifier when it is attached to something as big and familiar as the bunny. I've been buying these in bulk and giving them as gifts in pink, blue, or yellow.

There are a gazillion variations on these toy. It doesn't matter which one you get. What I like about this toy is that when they are little, they can just shut the toys' lids. However, as they grow, they can learn how to open each individual one.

Rock a Stack
What I love about this toy is that when the child is little, the rings are a perfect thing to play with. And as they can sit up and grab things better, they can start stacking them on and playing with them. Here's a video of Abigail playing with this classic toy. (You'll also see the pop toy above in this video too.)

Lotsa Links

I am a huge fan of these connectors! I use them to connect to each other and then I'll put a pacifier on the end of it and a toy on the other. They are especially good when we go out because you can connect them to a stroller or car seat and prevent them from hitting the floor ever five seconds.

I would love to add to this list! Please leave a comment with baby toy items that are your NUMERO UNO. Obviously there are a ton of so-so items. But what I want are the things you would give as gifts and don't want to do without!


denise said...

Baby food grinder. You can even get them paired with the fresh food feeder! I used mine to grind fresh bananas and add to cereal or feed plain when mine were little. It's also helpful when out to eat and you can grind up adult food for the babies, as long as they can eat a little texture. I alway took it apart right away an d soaked it or ran it in the dishwasher right away (with our gazillion bottles). I didn't use it for making baby food. Since I had three, I steamed frozen veggies then ground them in a food processor and froze them in freezeable Rubbermaid. I also purchased large jars of unsweetened applesauce rather than baby applesauce.

Anonymous said...

Some things I couldn't live without:
a knee pad to kneel on when bathing. Tile floors are hard. Any pad will do. You can find some in the baby section of Walmart, but they are expensive. Just a plain old pad from the garden center. Sometimes in the spring you can find them at the $1 spot at Target.

Those little square blankets with the animal head at the top and satin edges. It's a blankie and snuggly animal all in one. I started using those with my boys at 5 mo. when I was tired of the one not sleeping well. Worked like a charm.

Pacifier clips. No more lost pacies (they called their paci a "bah"...kinda funny because in Dutch bah means icky - at least that's how we used in our house)

For when they're older: Even though we could've lived without it, the boys absolutely loved these little foam chairs - I guess they're called Marshmallow chairs. Ours had Elmo on them. They would drag those around everywhere. They had multiple uses (for kids with great imaginations). Even when they had outgrown the chairs, the boys barely let me put them on a garage sale.