Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gramas Galore

March is going to be one crazy and fun month in these parts!

  • Firstly, Joni comes into town. (Bri's mom).
  • Then, Grama Di comes into town. (My mom).
  • During Grama Di's stay, JB has to go back to the USA for a wide assortment of activities (house hunting, interviews, speaking at a Permaculture Conference, and taking a Trauma course).
  • While JB is still gone, JB's parents will return from America and will stay for the duration of our time here.
And once JB gets back, life will start flying. We should be packing out (hopefully) sometime in April. It could be May, but I am really praying it is April. You see, the earlier we can pack-out on this end, the faster our stuff can be on its way to America. On this end, I know lots of people to borrow stuff from. And, we get loaner furniture from the Base. In addition, the house we live in is already half furnished.

But in America, we will have NOTHING until our stuff arrives. I take that back, we will have the few items that we put in storage before we left for Turkey. But not so sure how much our China and some old books will give us a soft place to lay our heads!

We are due to leave the Azores sometime in early June. We plan to rent a home in Tennessee for a year or so while we look for the land and permanent home we want to buy.

It's hard to believe that I will be within driving distance of so many people I love. Two friends are moving to Montgomery which is under four hours away. Our cousins Josh and Sarah are in the Nashville area, and I still have many connections in Bowling Green, Kentucky like our friends the Wilsons and my good friend Shea. I look forward to catching up with a lot of old Kentucky friends when we return.

JB is going to be interviewing for some jobs when we goes back to the USA in March, but we are pretty sure he is going to be working in an ER. This affords him the opportunity to work 12 or 24 hour shifts (depending on which job he takes). It allows him to show up for work, get the job done, and come home and spend time working on our land and being with our family. Eventually, he will probably drop to part-time, but for awhile, he'll be doing this full-time which is 1 or 2 twelve-hour shifts a week (10 a month.)

JB is also planning a HUGE trip to Australia in January of 2015, and the jobs he is interviewing with know this about his future. He is going to be doing a Permaculture Internship with the leader in the field. He is incredibly excited about this. He'll be gone for ten weeks! We would love to join him, but unfortunately, at $2,000 a ticket and me flying with four tiny tikes and then being holed up in a B&B while there, I've opted to spend some time in South Florida and visiting friends around the USA during this time instead.

Lots of change coming to our life. We are looking forward to finally settling down in one place after years of years of moving every 2 to 4 years. 

Time for some new adventures!

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