Monday, February 03, 2014

She talked! She really talked!

Our friends the Morgans are on Base this week with Cru holding some marriage enrichment seminars. Keith and Sharon are the aunt and uncle to my great friend Michelle. I haven't seen them since Michelle's wedding, but it's so wonderful to connect and see old friends -- especially in such a remote location. 

Abigail is now speaking to us. It took over two years, but she is now talking at home a ton. She has started saying a few words when we are out, but usually only to people she knows very well. Most of my friends have never heard Abigail say anything. When we are out of our home, she will now move a little away from my side, but for the most part, she still sticks by me while all the other kids are off playing.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I introduced Abigail to Sharon. I expected her to grab my leg and turn her head away, as she usually does. Instead she smiled. 


So I decided to press. I asked her if she could tell Sharon her name, and Abigail nodded and said, "Abigail Grace Kitsteiner" in her high-pitched little squeaky voice.

(Of course it wasn't that clear. It was hard to understand and probably more like Abigrace Ditdiner.

Either way ... I'm pretty sure my jaw fell through the floor. 

I'm not sure if this moment made me happy or sad. So happy that she is finally spreading her wings a bit but sad because she is growing up. The intense clingy stage is most likely coming to an end, and she'll never need me again like she has the last two years.

This little lady has done everything differently than her brothers. She is spirited and spunky and sweet all rolled into a big ball of blonde. She likes princesses and babies in combination with superheroes and trucks. She gives hugs and snuggles without ceasing and is thoroughly woven into every fiber of my being.

Man I love her.

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