Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today is Wednesday

I never forget things.

I mean I forget things -- small things -- but I never forget big things like appointments.

But I can't say that anymore because today I did.

As JB was leaving the house, he asked me, as he always does, whether I was going anywhere today. We only have one remote for our gate opener so we are constantly shuffling it between the two of us. I told him I didn't need it. "I'm not going anywhere today," I said.

Tuesdays take a lot out of me. Getting all four kiddos out of the house for a tennis lesson and AWANAs is about all this Mamma can handle.

Wednesdays is my off day.

Except this Wednesday. I had asked my friend Shelby to babysit so I could take Isaac to a speech assessment at the Base school. He's been stuttering quite a bit, and so we are getting a formal evaluation.

Appointment time: 10am.

At 9:30am I was on the computer and sent the speech teacher an email. She had asked me for a five minute recording of Isaac talking at home. I had gotten it and was emailing her the link. I had even signed the email saying, "See you tomorrow."

I was sure that today was Tuesday.

My friend Shelby knew it was Wednesday.

I was in my pajamas. My teeth weren't brushed. The kids were doing all kinds of different things in different parts of the house. It was utter chaos.

9:40 and Shelby walked in. I heard the kids saying hi to her, and I turned and immediately said, "Shelby? Today isn't Wednesday."

"Yes," she said. "Yes it is."

It was Wednesday!

What transpired was the fastest five minutes of giving instructions to a babysitter who has never babysit your kids and getting yourself ready and your son ready that has ever transpired. Shelby kept saying, "You have ten minutes. You can do it."

When we go to the appointment, right on the nose of 10am, the speech teacher asked Isaac why he was wearing flip-flops. "Aren't your toes cold?" she asked.

Hmmmm ... yes, it is the middle of winter here, and while it isn't as cold as most wintery places, it is still in the 50's and rainy and windy and not-at-all sandal weather.

I explained to the speech teacher my goof-up on dates. Explained that that was why he was wearing flip-flops. Socks would have taken too long. If my teeth weren't brushed, he wasn't going to have socks on.

I stayed out of the room while he had his assessment. However, I did hear one part. She was asking him what kind of things were in his play kitchen at home.

He gave a long list and then said, "Beer."

"Beer?" she asked. "Kids don't drink beer, do they?"

"No," Isaac replied. "But my Daddy does."

"And you have it in your kitchen?"

"Yep. I sure do."

Root beer. He has root bear in his kitchen.

Oh well.

Chalk up that morning and start fresh tomorrow.

Which is Thursday ... I think.

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