Thursday, February 20, 2014

Abigail tops out top 5

Flashback with me if you will.

Here is a record of our stitches/staples/glue experiences:

Isaac -- April 25, 2011

Isaac -- January 1, 2012

Sidge -- April 10, 2012

Sidge -- May 30, 2012

And now, as of today, our little lady is included on the list. I had our Military MOPs group over for a playdate today. Two hours into the event, I heard Abigail crying. I turned around and saw her sprawled out on the pavement. She was holding her face. As a mom, you really get to know the different types of cries your kids exhibit. And I could tell, instantly, that this cry was fairly severe. I handed the baby to a friend and ran over to Abigail. She had her hand on her cheek and there was a lot of blood.

I can't be sure if she hit the pavement or the step leading up to our locked pool door, but either way, she had a nice little gash under her left eye.

One quick look, and I knew that it was going to need more than Mommy could give at home. Within minutes, someone had gotten my husband on the phone. Rebekah said she'd take care of the boys. My housekeeper was here today, and I asked her to stay with the baby. We got the bleeding to slow down, slapped two bandaids on, and I took off for the Clinic.

Obviously adrenaline does a lot to you because halfway through our ride, Abigail stopped screaming and fell asleep!

My awesome husband was waiting for me at the door. He brought us in to the procedure room. Dr. Coker, who did a year of a surgery residency, was there too, and they conferred. They opted to avoid stitches so as to hopefully minimize scarring. Abigail was a trooper! She was more concerned about the blood all over her hand. Ms. Hannah (JB's awesome tech) cleaned that up, and within fifteen minutes, she was bandaged, and we were good to go home.

So thankful to have a hubby who is a doctor! I am also thankful for all of the things he has taught me. I knew heads bleed a lot, and reminded myself to stay calm and relaxed so that the kid doesn't freak out.

Some Mickey Mouse and Skittles finished out the event. As I write this, she is asleep on the couch behind me, a bit tuckered out from her eventful day.

Hopefully five encounters is enough for us!

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