Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cars II Birthday Party

Saturday, we rented out the base theatre (FIFTY BUCKS which includes all-you-can-eat popcorn and drinks for everyone!) for Sidge's party. He picked Cars II as the movie he wanted to watch so we went with that theme. We kept our usual party goals:

  1. Under $100
  2. Around 1 hour (of course with a movie, it went longer)
I was most proud of the cupcake brownies I made. I cut them into rectangles and put a red, yellow, and green M&M on them so they looked just like stoplights. (You can barely see them in this photo. It's in front of the Cars pinata.) Speaking of the pinata, I bought that from a friend for $4 used and instead just filled it with candy and let people take candy out of it. 

The cupcakes were done by me so, no surprise, they were a pretty good disaster frosting-wise. (Where is Carla when I need her?) But I stuck little cardboard Cars pictures on top, and then, at the suggestion of JB, just told people the kids helped do the cupcakes. (Just kidding. I didn't tell people that and they didn't help.)

The display

With their buddy Elijah Storey -- always good at posing for a picture

Our friend "Hannah" whom, even though she is not a tall person, we call "Big Hannah." Her Mykah KEPT shutting her eyes. So I gave up.




Hannah with Ms. Adrianne's matching Converse

I had trouble taking a picture so the flash kept going off. Josh didn't like it

After the movie we sang to Sidge

And he blew out the candle

Josh helping Joel

I made eggless strawberry cupcakes for Isaac (and chocolate with eggs for me!)

The Firlik family

Isaac post-cupcake

Sarah on the right is an AMAZING help at all our kid events. She helps holds kids, organize presents, clean up. She is just awesome.

Choclate time

Ms. Shelby with a smiley Hannah


Melissia said...

Making frosting is very easy. It just takes practice. Use real butter, powdered sugar, real vanilla and a stand mixer. Make it stiff so you can put it into a ziplock bag and then cut the corner off of it. Squeeze the frosting out of this corner onto the cupcake in a circle around and around covering the cupcake. If you want, smooth the cupcake with a knife.

Anonymous said...

The boys are SOO GROWN UP!!!!!
I can not believe how tall they are...
I can't wait until you guys are back, so it'll be easier to visit. ;)
Love and miss you friend!

Joia said...

This party looked like soo much fun! Haha to Josh! =)