Saturday, February 15, 2014

Abigail's Olympic Debut

I never did any sort of homeschool activities with the boys until they were at least 4. Quite honestly, they just weren't that interested in coloring or writing at all. But Abigail is proving a different creature entirely, and with her big brothers participating in workbook pages, she wants to too. So I decided to print some out and see what she was capable of.

She can totally match items and draw the line (notice her change of direction for silver :)

She has the idea of how to follow the lines but obviously prefers to color over write.

I think "O" is the only letter she knows -- perfect for the Olympics.

She totally understood how to color the ring the color requested.

I helped with this one a bit, coloring each of these a little for her. I don't know that she could quite do this one completely by herself.

I just colored each ring a few strokes, and she followed my directions in completing the ring. I was especially impressed on the black ring, how she figured out to go around the other ones.

I asked her to color all the small ones purple and the big ones green, and she was able to do that easiliy.

This was the first matching she did. As soon as I showed her, she got it.

Abigail knows all the shapes on this sheet except the pentagon and hexagon. But tracing them? Not ready for that. We opted to color them instead.

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