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Hannah is five months old

Yes I am a few days late, but the fact that I would even attempt to get these pictures at all in the midst of the bodily fluids permeating our house right now gives me major points in the mom club. Seriously, I was very tempted to not do a five-month picture at all. All four kids have had this nasty bug. Thank goodness Abigail's went through first, and therefore she is not sick right now. But the boys, especially Sidge, have been very ill, and it just started with Hannah.

Either way, this morning, I found my courage. Here is our not-so-little Hannah Joy at five months old:

And here are the siblings in their traditional photo:

I decided to look back and see what the other kiddos were doing at five months. I think because we were finalizing Isaac's adoption the week he turned five months old, I don't have his milestones recorded. But I found a list of Sidge's stuff. Sidge is included in the blue, and Hannah's comparison follows in bold.
  • Rolling from back to front (over his right side) about a thousand times a day (followed by a huge burp-up and a face that looks like a snowman, a bit of anger, help rolling back over, and a start again). Hannah is rolling over both shoulders and from front to back and back to front. She still sometimes seems to forget she holds the power to return to her back and can get a bit mad. 
  • Lots of giggling especially when you raise his hands above his head. You can make her giggle, but she doesn't do it a ton.
  • Lots of smiles especially at big brother Isaac. She is VERY smiley -- at anyone and everyone.
  • An occasional roll from stomach to back. (See answer to first bullet.)
  • Much improved head movement looking to the left. Sidge and Abigail had torticollis. Sidge's was more severe and he was in physical therapy for it. We used a special pillow with Hannah from birth and she has been the only one of our biological children not to have this.
  • Holding things (and dropping them). Hannah is doing the same.
  • Grabbing for things but fairly irregularly and randomly. We haven't seen a conscious "grab" yet. Hannah is majorly grabbing, very regularly and all the time. She is now starting to try to grab things we have in our hands while we are holding her or eating. She has seemed to be an earlier grabber than our other kids.
  • Sleeps on stomach at night and usually at naps. (I put him down on his back but he rolls over). Hannah actually sleeps on her side. Sometimes she gets on her stomach and sometimes on her back, but she seems to like her side the most. I put her down on her back and she decides where she ends up.
  • Goes to bed at about 8pm and wakes up at about 6am fairly consistently. Hannah is going to bed at about 7pm and waking up at about 4:30-5:30am fairly consistently. 
  • Currently drinking 6, eight ounce bottles a day. He knows how much he wants and doesn't take no for an answer. Hannah is drinking a lot less. Usually about 5, six ounce bottles, and she often doesn't finish them.
Elijah's enjoyments include:
  • Elijah loves his baths. Yes! Hannah loves to take a bath. 
  • He loves to be kissed on the cheeks. She enjoys it but not like Sidge did.
  • He loves to be held and wants you to be in the room with him. We, in fact, just moved the swing into the living room even though it doesn't fit in there at all because he doesn't like to be in it unless we are near him. Hannah is just starting to do this. She cries if she sees you leave her, and quickly calms down when someone talks to her or especially if they hold her.
  • Elijah likes to squirm around. He moves all over the place. Hannah is not easy to hold in your arms. She is constantly lunging backwards and looking around. 

And now onto big sister Abigail. Here is what Abigail was doing at five months old. I have included her in pink, and Hannah's comparison in bold next to it.

    • is rolling over both ways but more from back to stomach. She is rolling over both shoulders and occasionally rolling stomach to back. Sounds identical to Hannah.
    • has no teeth yet. Hannah doesn't either.
    • is starting to sit up a bit (as illustrated in the picture) but far from on her own. She will do the tripod sit a bit. Hannah doesn't sit up yet either. Can barely do the tripod.
    • chatters like crazy. Hannah chatters a little but not a ton.
    • does not have stranger anxiety yet. Hannah doesn't either.
    • seems to prefer people in this order: mom, Isaac, Veronica, Scrubs, JB, and then *Scrubs*. (Edited per comment.) Doesn't have a people preference but seems to enjoy our family and Hita most.
    • loves when mommy (me) sings to her. I usually sing "Somewhere, beyond the sea ..." and she smiles like crazy. Hannah definitely enjoys being sung to as well.
    • is eating some rice cereal. Hannah is too. We've also started some green beaches and peaches too. 
    • has sucked on some apples and bread crusts. Hannah has sucked on some oranges.
    • takes a pacifier when she sleeps. Hannah gets a pacifier and uses it a bit but doesn't seem to require it.
    • is wearing 6 month and 6-9 month clothing. Hannah is the same, but she is also wearing some 9 month clothing as well.
    • still has a blocked tear duct in her left eye. Hannah doesn't!
    • is very content. Cries when tired or hungry only. Hannah is the same. 
    • sleeps through the night (7:30-7:00 usually). Hannah is going to bed at about 7pm and waking up at about 4:30-5:30am fairly consistently. 
    • takes a lot of naps still. Hannah is taking three sometimes four naps a day.

    Here is a look back Hannah month by month:

    And here is a look at what her siblings were doing when they were five months old:

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