Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Science Projects

This picture made me smile. I always hated science projects. I did not feel like I learned anything but how to be stressed and worried. I needed to get in a group with someone who understood how to do these things or I was going to be totally out-of-luck. Some of my worst and most vivid school memories involve science projects. Thus, the reason that this poster board made me feel so not alone in the universe.

I can guarantee you that we will study science in homeschool. But we will not do a formal science project. We will do something. But it will not result in the emotions that well up within me at the sound of those words!


Sherrie said...

I actually was thinking about science projects the other day, and I think that most my stress/frustration in school was that I truly didn't understand what the end goal was. Now that I work in a research environment, I think that teachers could have done a much better job with this. I think the point of a science project is to get firsthand experience with the scientific method. Unfortunately in school it is more often an exercise on filling in the blanks. I think a good homeschool activity that you could do would be just to find out an easy-ish science topic that the kids are curious about, and go through the scientific method as a group to develop and test a hypothesis. The first one that comes to mind is testing seeds in different climates (I’m sure John would be an awesome help with this one!)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Sherrie, I absolutely agree with you. I actually think you said exactly what I was trying to say!