Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Funnies

We have been letting the boys watch the 1966 TV Series Batman. They LOVE it. In the car the other day, I asked Sidge:
Me: "What is your favorite part of the new Batman show?"
Sidge: "Ummm .... you know that part where there is a cartoon and they sing the Batman music?"
Me: "Yeah. Is that your favorite part?"
Sidge: "No. My favorite part is when the bushes go down and The Batmobile goes into its secret hiding spot."


I took our friend "Elijah Storey" to AWANAs the other night. (We call him by his full name because he shares the same real name as our Sidge. It has just sorta stuck now.) In the van on the way to the Chapel, Elijah Storey saw a cemetery.
Elijah Storey: "Those markers represent people who died. Their souls have gone to heaven. But their bodies are still in the ground. Do you know what happens when those souls go to heaven?"
Sidge: "Did you know that Ninjas aren't real?"


The boys continue to work on reading 20 words and then going on a date. Isaac has completed the five sections I have on the wall. So I told him the next thing he needs to work on is saying all 100 words. Instead of getting ice cream, I thought maybe they could do something bigger. I had heard there was a new miniature golf course on the island (a HUGE deal since there is basically no entertainment for kids on the island.) Sidge replied, "Okay. Yeah. We could do that. But then maybe afterwards, we could get ice cream."




"Hannah Joy Pomegranate Kitsteiner. That's your name. Your eyes are blue, and you are apricot. Your hair is black or brown. Your ... things that ... clothes are red, white. Your bib is red, white, gray. And that is all of my song. Good bye."

I have no idea why my kids continue to call "white people" apricot, other than that it is written on their crayons. I am also amazed that Sidge is still using the Pomegranate middle name that the boys wanted to give her at birth.

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