Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hannah & Scrubs

Scrubby has always been amazing with all our kiddos. However, I think because there are three older siblings, we haven't seem him laying by Hannah as much as we saw him do with the other three. I went and looked back and found these past posts of Scrubs with the kiddos. Didn't really find much with Abigail, but I found a lot with him and the boys. 
I think my lack of Abigail & Scrubs "stuff" had more to do with my lack of time with three kids -- not so much a lack of bonding.

Hannah has just started moving A LOT while on the floor. She'll roll clear across the room! Today, Scrubs was lying next to her. As she moved, he moved, and kept himself right next to her. It was so sweet. Here are some pictures I got of the two of them bonding:

Grampa, I think that is a mouth lick. Don't look!

 "My, what big spots you have!"

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