Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten months old

If you set a cup of applesauce on your nine month old daughter's tray (and even include a spoon) and then forget you set it there, chances are, she won't forget. I was going to feed her this applesauce. But boy 1 came crying that boy 2 had hurt him, and before I knew it, I was dealing with something else. When I returned, the above illustrates what was waiting for me. Into the bath we go!

Abigail is ten months old! She:
  • weighs 21 pounds (78th percentile).
  • is 29 inches (89th percentile).
  • is beginning to scale furniture.
  • still crawls in her traditional "army" crawl but can crawl in the more traditional pose if she so feels like it.
  • starts bouncing her feet around if you sing to her.
  • eats everything except baby food.
  • is signing for "all done" and "milk."
  • understands what no means and gets her feelings hurts and cries hard when told she can't do something.
  • wants to be in on the action with her brothers; if they are upstairs playing, she wants to be with them greatly.
  • loves to take baths.
  • wants to be outside all the time.
  • does not want to be held when outside; she wants to be down crawling.
  • loves being in her stroller.
  • is pretty spastic; when she sees her dad or brothers she goes crazy!
  • will drink out of a sippy cup but still takes a bottle about 5 times a day (4-8 ounces per feed).
  • is taking two naps (early morning from about 8-10 and late afternoon from about 1:30-3:30p).
  • goes to bed at night around 7pm and is out until around 6:30am.
  • doesn't usually cry when she goes down for a nap; sometimes wakes up happy and sometimes wakes up crying.
  • is pulling up on everything.
  • is letting go and balancing for about three seconds at a time.
  • definitely has her preference for certain people; currently she is a huge fan of Daddy, Mommy, Hatice, and Ms. Linda -- although it's obvious she knows and will be okay with Ms. Patty and Stebbs as well.
Here's a bit about Isaac at his tenth month. And here are some photos of him at his tenth month. Abigail seems a lot more like Isaac when it comes to her walking. They were about at the same point at ten months old.

And here is a bit about Elijah at ten months old.  Elijah was already walking everywhere but their passion and love for food seems very similar.

People have also asked how the dynamics are between the children in the house are, ten months in to having three kids. They are fantastic! 

Abigail is enthralled and obsessed with her brothers -- both of them. The boys, likewise, absolutely love her. Elijah can get a little too eager to help her sometimes and be a bit on the "clumsy" side with her -- but his intentions are always good. He also took a little longer to get really interested in her. Isaac has been fascinated with her since she joined us, however, and is incredibly soft and gentle with her. They both love to hold her (with help of course) and bring things to her and share with her. Isaac has incredible patience for her and really "gets" that she needs him.

Both boys can get frustrated when she gets into their stuff or what they are doing. They do a pretty good job relocating to the dining room table when this happens. Originally, I let them sit on the end table, but now that their sister is pulling up, that isn't working at all either.

And speaking of pulling up, this morning, I was taking some pictures of her and she just let go of me and stood up all by herself. Take a look:

Here she is showing off some of her teeth. She currently has 5 teeth (two on the bottom and three on the top.)

And here she is showing off her dimple:

And Scrubs? He doesn't appear fazed whatsoever. He licks here ears now and then and of course he knows that when she is eating, he's going to eat too. But otherwise, he's accepted her without any issue. She climbs on him and bugs him and he takes it all in stride, as he always has.

Speaking of Scrubs, he'll be five years old on the 18th of May! Wow! Everyone is getting older around here ... except me of course!

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But look at how happy she was that she fed herself applesauce. Red applesauce at that. :D Super cute!