Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boys will be boys

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I absolutely LOVE to see my boys play. I love when they play in the dirt. I love when they get dirty. I love when they smell sweaty. I know that may sound weird, but I just love them enjoying being a kid. Right now Elijah's absolutely favorite thing to do is play with his cars in the "sand box" next to the porch. This is some sand that our gardeners brought us many moons ago. It's Turkish dirt. Not smooth. Lotsa rocks. But they love it. Especially Elijah. He goes out there any chance he gets to play. Sometimes Isaac joins him. But many times he is just by himself, playing away.
Here he is in his pajamas (and of course his blue hat.) His buddy Dylan lives through that fence, and I often hear him calling to see if Dylan can come over to play. If not, he's just talking to himself.

Here he is in his second-favorite hat. A cowboy hat he permanently borrowed from William.
And here he is with his buddy William. He recruited William to join him in the dirt.
And while Elijah plays in the dirt, Isaac often finds his own entertainment. He loves to pour water on the porch and then sweep it. And here he is putting the rocks we dragged home from Shane and Linda's backyard in separate squares on the porch.


Carrie said...

I love it when my kids get dirty, too... and so do they!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. When I see children playing, I often remember the definition of playing that I learned when I was studying to be a teacher: "Playing is the most essential activity of the secure child in a world that still can turn out to be anything."

Anonymous said...

I love how Isaac's mind works:)The rocks in the squares are great! And you reminded me of when he watered the garden-very precise-took his time, while Elijah would literally just"dump"the water and run for more! It's sweet to see them having so much fun in their own way. Boy, do I miss them!
grandma k