Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things I will miss most about Turkey

I miss America. I miss my family. I understand why many people can only do two back-to-back overseas assignments before they want to go home.

But this has been an experience. I will always remember my two years here. I will be a better person because of this adventure. My horizons have been broadened immensely. Even though I knew things before, I truly know them now. I know that ...
  • 99.9% of Muslims are peaceful, wonderful, beautiful people that dislike terror as much as 99.9% of Americans do.
  • America is very small in the grand scheme of the whole world.
  • we are an incredibly blessed country and people.
  • military families are amazingly awesome and strong.
  • I am capable of much more than I ever thought I was.
So, what will I most miss?
I will miss seeing new things, (like a toothbrush head in a vending machine at the airport):

 Reading translations of the English language (you can click here for another post I did with many examples) that make me smile, (like this one in the  packet of communication cards they gave Patty to use when she was in the hospital) ... (I just don't understand why they don't get someone to read the translations and edit them before printing final copies):
I will miss my gardening team: Ilhan, Halil, Ayreef, and Faree. Abigail is absolutely in love with Faree who is our main gardener over in Eagle housing. He helps me with anything I need during the day while JB is gone. Brings in my groceries, cleans up our toys, washes our car, takes out trash. He especially loves to hold Abigail. Elijah told him yesterday, "Faree, you're my best friend." Fifteen dollars a week doesn't seem nearly enough for everything he does for us.
I will miss the roses that the gardening team bring me as a gift. When they prune, they'll often bring me a bunch to put in the kitchen. They've probably done this a half dozen times in our two years here, and each time, they bring me such joy.

Wonderful, awesome, fantastic women like some of the women pictured in this photo below. Everyone on Base has such a similar attitude. "We are all in this together. We are all we have. We are each other's family." People are so willing to go the extra mile, all the time. This group below, only touches the surface of the wonderful gals in my life here.

Riding and walking everywhere. The picture below is of the boys riding their bikes to the BX on a night that Shane and Linda were watching the boys. My boys ride these three-wheelers everywhere. They are very good on the bikes and stop at all intersections. People get a real kick out of our family -- Abigail in stroller or in Bjorn and boys on bikes navigating our way all over the Base, especially since our car got shipped out last month. We walk to the grocery store, the BX, JB's work, the library, church ... I love it.

Hatice. Just one word. Without a doubt, when I think of leaving, leaving Hatice is the hardest part. She has no passport. Her ability to visit us is nerely non-existant. I hope to see her again but am not sure I will. And far away from family, Nene Hatice has become Abigail's surrogate Grama. I will miss her so deeply it hurts me -- physically. She and I have agreed not to talk about. Not to say good bye. We just have to pretend it isn't happening.

This is just a few of the things I will miss. The list is far from exhaustive. I will always have a very special place in my heart for this country. I wouldn't ever want to live here always. It is not home. But it's people and memories will remain in my heart forever.


Anonymous said...

Your description of how you will miss Hatice makes me cry. I've done this kind of good bye's. I feel and understand your deep sadness. Will pray.

mom h said...

The whole thing made me cry. Wen you are so blessed to have experienced this time. You have touched and changed your world!
So proud of you. My prayers are covering you. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since I met you in Florida and have so enjoyed reading about your experiences and watching your children grow. You have introduced many of us who follow you to a country and culture that most of us will never get to experience, and for that I thank you! I love reading about the places you've seen and people you've encountered. It's hard for me to believe that you have been in Turkey for 2 years already, you have made it sound so interesting. And I really look forward to learning all about the Azores thru you.
Yes, this time is very difficult for you, having to say goodbye to so many people (Hatice I think will be the worst), but you are strong and you have prayers following you. I know you will turn this new place into a home for your family while you are there, and hopefully keep your loyal followers like me waiting every day for another chapter of what's happening with your family.
I am sure all will be well with your move and God's blessings will be with you. Thinking of you daily!
Cheryl in Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting.