Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mark your calendars!

As I mentioned previously,  I am going to be speaking with Linda Ballesteros on the Tough Talk Radio Network.

Linda contacted me after hearing about Because of Isaac. They are going to be specifically talking to me about Because of Isaac and adoption and the costs and difficulties than can make it prohibitive.

There is actually a page online now that advertises this particular show. This is where you would go on Monday, May 21st at 3pmCST, 4pm EST, 11pm Turkey time to listen to the show live.

I would love for you out there to not only be able to listen but to encourage others to do so as well. You actually can also call in (347-989-1363) to listen on your phone; you can also call this number to ask questions.

Please join me on Monday evening! It would be a great encouragement to know people who support me are listening!

P.S. I believe you can access it after the show is over in archive format but am not sure about that.


Beth said...

I will put it on my calendar. Very exciting!

Lisa Cronk said...

Is there any way to access it afterwards? I'll be seeing patients on Monday afternoon, so I won't be able to listen then, but I'd like to hear it if it is available archived or something.

Beth said...

I heard you loud and clear! It was very fun to hear your voice. You did a fantastic job of talking about the infertility and adoption journey. You showed your usual compassion for the pain of the journey and beautifully represented Because of Isaac. Great job!

Emily said...

I was able to listen to the first half before I had to go. You did a wonderful job, coming across as compassionate, confident, professional and well-informed. May many be blessed by this show!