Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living out of boxes

Our house contains the bare minimum right now. Toys we have borrowed from others. Furniture from the Base loaning system. We have to make our own fun. Here's a few snaps showing us doing just that.
This big box is what the kitchen loaner dishes came in. I have turned it into a toy box with toys from the thrift store and friends piled in.  
 The boys sleeping stuff will make the trip via plane with us. Here is Elijah early one morning, holding his beloved froggie and white bear, and just being silly with his shirt pulled up over his head. His Daddy taught him how to do this. Check out the box in the background. We make a lot of toys out of boxes lately.

Here is Elijah. This box was what some of the "kitchen loaner" items came in. Elijah was using it to try and reach his clothes. He fell. He started crying, telling us he was stuck. So he was completely naked trying to reach his clothes. Quite a sight. 
 When I really needed something to do, I decided to spend the night at Achibadem with my friend Patty. Patty got sick and went into labor at 34 weeks. The doctors were able to stop labor, but with her husband Yamil in England, I decided to be the honorary spouse. Praise the Lord baby Troy hung out until Patty hit 36 weeks and Yamil was back at her side. He just arrived on May 10th!
 Abigail's fun involves wanting to be crawling or scaling everywhere. Be it grass, dirt, wherever. She's at that hard age where she can't walk, but she doesn't want be held when we are outside especially. I ended up just plopping her down in a patch of grass and letting her get filthy, as you can see from this photo. Black feet and knees. You go girl!
 Another $2 thrift store find. The boys love to draw on these. Isaac actually made this smiley face all by himself! I was pretty impressed!!
Man do we miss Angelica. Here she is the day before she left with Abigail and Reese. It is so strange that she is gone already. The Base truly feels more empty without her presence. 

We've been goin out to eat at people's houses a lot. And going to a lot of going away party's. Here we are at a going away for our Vet Techs. This picture would only be funny to people who have lived in Turkey. Raki (pronounced Rak-uh) is a Turkish drink served in this glass that Elijah is drinking out of. Elijah, is drinking water, but it was still funny to see him drinking out of a Raki glass.

JB has been making "clubhouses" for the boys' cars out of boxes. Only thing is, he keeps having to "one up" himself. He made one for Isaac (center.) Then Elijah wanted one (right). That one was better than Isaac's. So JB made another one (far left.) He decided that this one would be a "community clubhouse" so he didn't have to keep doing that.

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