Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It is rare that I don't have time during the day to post a blog. It's even rarer that I don't have very much to say. It's also rare that I am up at 10:49 p.m.

But today, all those rarities are actualities in the life of Wendi.

I helped Kelsey do some moving today -- she is nearly completely settled now. We just finished, and I am wiped out. JB is on call. It is his last night of call for quite some time. Friday is the last day of his Sub-I, and then he has a week off before heading to Florida.

I also realize that there is another thing in my life that is now fairly rare ... headaches!!! I realized yesterday that my headaches have nearly become a thing of the past for me, and it has been a solid week since I struggled with pain. I cannot even tell you how wonderful it is to not feel ill -- to not be sick from the metformin, to not have a headache, to not have to take a shot in the evening, to not be uncomfortable from procedures and surgeries. I feel so wonderful. I am running and in shape and the healthiest I have been in three years.

It is difficult in these times of great feelings to imagine starting drugs and procedures again ... which I will do on August 4th. However, we are believing my headaches will not manifest themselves again. We are also contemplating trying some alternative therapies instead of medication to try to combat them if they do appear.

Either way, we are blessed. We are at a place of peace. We really want to be parents and have children of our own, but we are also blessed by our freedom, and continually watching as the Lord shapes our lives. We both feel called to do mission work to some degree -- most likely short-term medical missions similar to what JB will do in Nigeria next spring. We also definitely feel called to adopt. Yesterday I was browsing on a favorite website: (Take a second to visit this site and check out the "waiting children".) There was a sibling group of five children that just nabbed at my heart, and when I showed the picture to JB, he felt the same way I did -- felt that if we were ten years older with a bigger house and a little more money, we would adopt those kids in a heart beat. We truly know the Lord has a bigger plan, and we are trusting him day by day to show us that plan.

Okay, so I guess the rarity that I don't have much to say isn't as true as I originally thought.

Sleep tight all. I know I will!


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