Monday, July 17, 2006

Bara's last day

After JB woke up from his nap on Sunday, we packed full the rest of our afternoon and evening. We started with the grocery store (which I didn't take a picture of -- shoot!) We spent about an hour and a half teaching Bara about foods in our grocery store and ideas about how he can all the food groups in fairly easily, cheaply, and conveniently. I am excited to read on his blog about how he puts all these lessons into practice. He took LOTS of notes!

After our grocery lesson, we headed down to the cities.

Here is Bara and JB right after watching "The Beavers" IMAX movie. (We were all fascinated to learn that one pair of Beavers take down 400 trees a year!). This photo was taken outside of Body Worlds. It was an excellent exhibit and extremely fascinating. Basically it was the opportunity to view actual body muscles, arteries, nerves etc. on real people that donated their bodies to science. Believe it or not, this exhibit was not gross. It was very educational, and I was very entertained. It was a little crowded despite the fact that they limit the number of people allowed in to fifteen minute intervals.

After visiting Body Worlds, we toured the rest of the Science Museum a bit (there really isn't much more than the featured exhibit) and took a break outside. While taking a break, we attempted to teach Bara about miniature golf. He said that he thought it looks like a lot of fun, and if we would have had more time, I would have loved to be there for Bara's first try at miniature golf (and maybe assure myself a victory!) I have not played miniature golf in years, but it was one thing our family really enjoyed doing together when I was young. My father showed no mercy!

JB talking to Ajit on the phone. This isn't an important part of the story, but, he's my babe so I'll include it anyways! I love this guy (A LOT!) We got in a lot of relationship discussions with Bara. He observed the fact that JB and I have a very sarcastic and humor-filled relationship. This is something we once attempted to change, but have since decided that bantering works for us and so if it works for us, who's to say otherwise?

On the way to the restaurant, JB attempted to teach Bara, in one hour or less, about all the genres of American music. He started with Big Band and made it all the way to Alternative Rock using actual selections from his own IPOD. Bara's favorite? Classic Rock 'n Roll.

Lesley and Dave joined us for dinner at Chino Latino. They had spent the day at the Mall of America. I really love Dave and Lesley and am so blessed they are in Minnesota. I really hope that all four of us get to stay here for residency. If one couple doesn't get to stay, I'd prefer it would be us because I really don't want to be in Rochester without them here. (Is that selfish? I think so.)

Bara, JB, and me after dinner. Bara liked some of the dishes but not the shrimp curry (way too spicy!) We offered to buy another type of dish, but he said he would rather save space and take us all out for dessert. We settled on Cold Stone. I learned another thing about Syrians (or maybe just about Bara). They can eat A LOT of ice cream. For any of you who have ever had Cold Stone or Marble Slab type ice cream (where they throw the ice cream on a slab and combine it with topping of your choice), you know how THICK this ice cream is. On my BEST night, I can manage to eat a medium, but normally can't get beyond the small. And as most of you know, I can EAT ice cream. Bara, taking my advice, got a medium, and added a chocolate waffle cone. Despite this, he was debating getting a second dish!!! Wow!

Another funny thing: on the way back to our car, we passed a punch buggy car. In America, when you see one of these, you punch the people you are with (not hard unless you are mean). I punched JB and then punched Bara and said "Punch buggy." We cracked up when he said, "Why did you Punch Boppy me?" I had to explain that it was not a "Boppy" but a "Buggy". It's only when you try to explain something that you realize how stupid it is. What the HECK do we punch people when we see a type of car? I have no idea. It's like trying to explain why we don't end sentences with the word "I'm". I have no idea we just don't!

Bara is now back in Boston. We had a WONDERFUL time while he was here. I have learned so much about his culture and about our governments and about the world from him. Honestly, if everyone in the world was able to get along like we do with Bara despite some major differences, then there wouldn't be any wars!

Bara said the thing he will miss the most when he leaves Minnesota is hearing people say, "You betcha!" Hmmm ... is that the most memorable thing about Rochester? (Tara is probably nodding profusely).

Two other things I wanted to note quickly. Today was a VERY hot day in Minnesota. It felt SO wonderful. However, despite this, the humidity was 47%. So just for kicks, I looked it up in Fort Lauderdale. 70%. Case closed on that one Elizabeth Ray! Yes, I called you Elizabeth, Ebby. That means I am SERIOUS.

Another thing? I have mentioned before that I usually don't get a lot of tall comments in Minnesota. There are a lot of tall women here, and it is rare to be made fun of or commented about. The time that I get the most comments (if any) is usually when I have to run an errand for my boss and I walk through the main part of the clinic. The reason is that these people are usually NOT from Minnesota and therefore not used to all the tall women (and also not as polite.)

Today I had a man say something to me I have never heard before, and it so took me off guard that I made sure he knew he offended me.

As I walked by, this man in his late twenties said -- get this. "Six foot seven -- halfway to heaven." Then he stopped and stared at me.

I said, "Excuse me?"

Thinking I really wanted to know what he said, he repeated himself!

And I said, "Well that was a really nice thing to say."

It was at that point, and ONLY at that point, that he realized he had offended me and mumbled, "Well good day to you."

Now I need to be cautious here. This man very well could be sick. He could be mentally sick. When you walk through the main stretch of the Clinic, you often see some VERY sick people. However, he didn't look sick. He looked very normal. What does that comment mean anyways? I really am not sure. For one thing, I'm not even 6'7", however, because he wanted to rhyme with heaven, he obviously thought it was okay to make me more than four inches taller. I was actually so shocked to hear someone say something that brazen.

He must be from south Florida. Who ELSE could be that rude?

Oh well. At least he didn't complain about the humidity after that. I may have had to lay him out.

We'll miss you Bara!


Anonymous said...

You guys are something else!! What a fun week end! I'll bet Bara's 'tank' is full! I hope it keeps him going for a while!

O, I was suprised that you two have saracastic humor toward each other!!

I went out walking when the sun went down....I am soaked. It's humid!!! :)

cassi said...

We play your "punch buggy" game, only we call it "slug bug" and there are many variations, including one where the person who sees the bug is allowed to slug/punch the other person until that other person calls out the correct color of the bug that was seen. Ok, that is complicated to explain...

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. Rochester is, at times, truly fine and even (gasp) memorable, although I do think Nicole is a very, very smart girl for working the away-rotation-system. In all truth, I even caught myself saying one time, "Well, if the Kitsteiners stay here, I might be convinced..." (Back me up Ajit, if you read this blog!!). No, it is true that I feel my "calling" is NOT HERE, but I have met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known while living here, so how can that NOT be memorable?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

lady di is in Florida -- proves my humidity theory.

Oh man Cassi your slug bug game could be deadly, especially if you don't see the car!

Tara, you rock!

Bara said...

Yes indeed, i had really "full tank"!
i wanted to comment on every paragraph that wendi wrote but I have a lot of things to finish on my desk now!
I will write a whole post about this very soon! in which i will talk about what Wendi noticed (if everyone can gets along inspite of the major defferences like we do with Bara...)...
wait for me! ;-)
i don't know, i might post that on my or wendi's blog!
My boss will shoot me if i don't leave my desk now!

Anonymous said...

Josh said...

JB explaining american music is like me trying to explain the theory of relativity!
I think JB should stick to what he's good and making up answers to questions he doesn't know the answer to!!!


Gabbs said...

Yeah, Florida is stinkin' humid. I just looked at and it says Rochester is 84 (feels like 83) and here its 86 (feels like 91). Okay, we are TWO degrees higher and yet it feels like eight degrees warmer. Humidity baby. Humidity.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Josh I don't thnk JB has seen your comment or he would be yelling louder than he is.

Bara, we are waiting for a new blog from you. Get your groove on man!