Sunday, July 30, 2006

Brunch with the Wans

We ran into our friend Calvin and Karen Wan at church today and decided to grab some brunch together. We went to Pannakooken downtown and had a great time catching up. Calvin has extended his stay in Rochester as he waits for a job in Cardiac surgery to open up somewhere in the U.S. or hopefully back home in Canada. While we know continuing his fellowship isn't preferable, we are glad to get to spend some more time with them and now three month old Jadon. Calvin is a compulsive picture-taker. In fact, we had to stop at their house to grab the camera on the way to brunch. Here's a few photos of Jadon. Isn't he a doll? Thanks for the photos Calvin!

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice that JB and Wendi are wearing Miami Dolphin colors!!! :)