Friday, March 17, 2023

The Jesus Revolution


Hard to see but way down there on the end are: Malachi, Maryah, Gabe, Hannah, Sara, Ella, Abigail, and Ms. Rachel. 

The guys in the back: Elijah "Sidge", Walker, Isaiah, and Isaac (not pictured was Ana who slid in right after the movie started. It was her second time seeing it, but she had a biology class until the last minute!)

It has been SUCH a peaceful "return to life" here for me at the farm. John was off Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. That alone was beyond wonderful. But then: it's "technically" Spring Break around these parts. So we had no ballet. No homeschool co-op. No guitar. No theatre. I loosened up on homeschooling. There were very few places to be. 

I need more time to REST. I must have more time to REST. And I am learning how to attain that. Having four "teenagers" and homeschooling them means a lot of my time is used up just ... because. 

I am loving the BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) I am in. I have been doing this on Thursdays at 10am for nearly the entire school year, and our group is just amazing. There are about 20 women, and they are nearly all African American women over 65. Their wisdom is incredible. I am learning so much and enjoying being in the Bible for the first time in many years.

Speaking of the Lord and the Bible, on Wednesday evening, John was working. I thought the boys had youth group, but at the last minute, we were reminded that it too was cancelled for Spring Break. My housekeeper was coming to clean, and I wanted to get out of Dodge so I made the decision to take my kiddos to see The Jesus Revolution which is still playing at the local theatre. (It was only supposed to be there for a few days, but it has done so well, they've kept it going.)

This movie was incredible. It was done incredibly well. It reminded me so much of my own husband's salvation and baptism in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean when he was a teenager, a part of the Calvary Chapel Movement. 

But even if you aren't familiar with or a fan of the Calvary Chapel movement, this movie is so inspirational. And here is why. 

Like most people, I am watching the young people in our world right now and losing hope! This is craziness. It's ridiculous. We are mutilating children and giving awards to biological men like they are a woman and letting boys participate in girls' sports. Any truth can be truth instead of God's truth being THE truth. Whoever heard of putting a pronoun in front of the word "truth"? And who would have ever though that we'd be afraid that failure to say the words people wanted us to say could threaten our freedom?

But here is what this movie showed us. This isn't the first time that things seemed to be going to hell in a hand basket. During the hippie movement of the 70's, many of the same concepts were circulating. And truly, they were all an attempt to find Jesus. They were all an attempt to fill a hole in their hearts. Just like it is now. People are so empty. 


I sat in a theatre with about a dozen young people all desiring to live for Jesus. These are kids who love people. Who are kind. Who are learning. Who are growing. And who are living God's Truth

This movie inspired me to remember that God can save ANYONE. He is not done with his people. NO ONE thought God could reach the hippies. But he did. Many left the world of drugs and free love to love Jesus instead. 

If you haven't seen this movie, PLEASE show the local theatre and the global world that we will pay for GOOD entertainment. Spend your money on THIS. Maryah (in picture above) had seen the movie three times. Gabe and Malachi and Ana were there for their second watch. It was that inspiring to them. They felt encouraged and empowered to reach the world for Christ.


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