Monday, March 20, 2023

My co-op get-up

This “costume”
Is courtesy
Of my dear friend 

Okay. Not a costume. Clothes. But for me, absent of style, the phrases could be used interchangeably. 

Every time I get a compliment I say: Erin Dunham. 

I miss her. I miss her kids. I even miss her dogs despite the fact that my Arabelle wanted to kill them and tried often. 

I loved getting to know her when they lived on our farm. I love the friendship that developed between us. We are SO different. And yet, we get each other. 

And she knows how to tell me what to wear. This outfit was picked out on FaceTime. I literally FaceTimed her from the Maurice’s dressing room. She told me to put two things back that I thought I was going to buy. 

Then she told me to go find … a vest. 

Ugh. Those make me think of Michael J. Fox jumping ship on Back to the Future.

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