Thursday, March 09, 2023

Funeral for Uncle Jeff

At the funeral for my Uncle Jeff, I got to see 11 of my 15 cousins. Fun fact: The guy in the suit jacket without the tie in the back row is 6'10". :) 

Before I share who everyone is in the picture above, let me say this about my Uncle Jeff. He was a Huisman male. I learned so much MORE about him during the funeral and was also reminded what a craftsman, fisherman, and quiet yet passionate man he was. I pray that we can all continue to support this family during this time. 

I am attempting to get all the cousin-details (including birth order) straight here. I know I made a mistake somewhere, and I know someone will correct me, and I will get it all correct. 

From back left: 
  • Sam Huisman (son of Uncle Scott) #11
  • Jeremy Huisman (son of Uncle Jeff) #6
  • David Huisman (Scott) #13
  • Ryan Huisman (Jeff) #9
  • Andrew Huisman (Aunt Linda) #16
  • Matt Huisman (John) #1
  • Luke Huisman (John) #2
Front row: 
  • Josh Huisman (Bob) #4
  • Eric Huisman (Jeff) #8
  • me (George) #5
  • Justin Huisman (Bob). #7
Not pictured:
  • My brother Keith who couldn't get off of work (George) #10
  • my cousin Evan who had covid (Linda) #15
  • My cousin Jason who could not get off of work (Bob) #3
  • Bonus Cousin Steve
I also have TWO girl cousins believe it or not. 
  • Madeline Huisman Blonn who I got to see the night before at the wake (Linda) #14
  • Katie Huisman Giles who had a sick child and could not come (Scott) #12
The Huisman family is SO strong both in support and faith. To get to hug all these amazing men was so important to me, and I'm so glad I was able to go. Thank you to Janet Medema Kotynski for taking me and making the 8.5-10hour drive from TN. Here are a few pictures of me and Auntie Janet in Chicago and then when we got home again in TN this evening.

If you'd like to watch the video of the funeral, you can do it here. (I speak at about 1hr and 15min mark.) 

My cousin Eric, whose life partner Becky died the day after Uncle Jeff,  speaks at the 1hr and 7min mark, and it will totally encourage you. 

Here are a few pictures of the four brothers moving Jeff's body out of the church:

Here is me and my buddy Caleb -- the amazing son of my cousin Ryan and his wife through BECAUSE OF ISAAC. Bri spoke at the funeral about Jeff & Sue's faith in praying this child into their arms, and I'm not sure I cried harder than at that moment.

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