Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Good bye Becky


ONE year ago today my cousins (Ryan and Eric) and their significant others (Bri and Becky) came to our farm with my Uncle Jeff, my Aunt Sue, and three adorable little boys. 

One year. One year ago, Becky's heart was already enlarged and not functioning properly I am sure. Her date-of-death was already "written down."

But we didn't know it.

God knew that my Uncle Jeff would go to sleep and not wake up. He knew that the family would face two devastating losses one day apart. 

What grief!

And what a reminder that we need to remember that we are not promised tomorrow. All the plans we make are really just temporary. They can all change in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, while my Dad's family is facing this loss, my Mom's family is dealing with my grandmother's end-of-life decisions. It's been very challenging for the family. It is hard to think that the next decades of my life, leading up to my own death, will involve making some hard decisions for the people that we love. 

And then someday, I will be the person facing end-of-life decisions. If I don't go home to Jesus sooner. Or if he doesn't come back sooner. 

It is hard to not feel very Ecclesiastes about the whole thing. To not think: What is the point of this hard, painful, awful world!

But there IS a point. The point is ETERNITY with Jesus. It's hard to remember sometimes. But it is SO SO SO true. This life is fleeting. Yes, I want to raise my children to be respectful and good people ... but in the end, why don't I chill out a ... LOT! Is it THAT important?!

It is all fleeting. 

Jesus is forever. 

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