Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Smiles and Babies

Harper and Hannah

Hannah came into snuggle with me this morning. She was feeling much better than she was before she went to bed the night before so I said, "Man, last night you were crying soooo much."

Hannah replied: "I am about to cry again right now with how bad your breath is."

Speaking of Hannah, she and I went over to my friend Cara's house for a quick "visit" the other day while Abigail was at ballet and the boys were at karate. 

Cara has four children under 7 years old. The oldest is in first grade and this little cutie above is the youngest (six months). Man, can I remember how hard those years are. Cara and I started trying to visit but quite honestly, it was dinner hour, and she needed help. So Hannah and I just spent some time doing laundry and helping her clean up.

We really need community in our life. We need people. I have learned that I have to accept help from people as readily as I give it. I need help too. We all do. Cara needed another set of hands for a few minutes. Four little kids. Geezie, who does that. 

Crazy people that's who!

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