Thursday, May 06, 2021

Saying Good bye to COVID and hello to Katy!

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day on the farm. The type of day that you dream about. Sixty degrees and sunny. Katy joined us for homeschool, and we had class outside to enjoy the amazing weather. 

This was also our last "official" day of COVID quarantine. As we sang Happy Birthday to Isaac, (he turns 13 tomorrow!), we also sang in celebration of an end to private ballet and karate classes and only outside activities. With our entire family having had COVID, and all the adults in our life now full vaccinated, our two families, who decided to confront COVID as a team .... will now be "mostly" returning to real life. 

It seems very surreal.

Dear Katy has been homeschooling with us this whole year from afar. We had planned on her being with us on the farm a lot, but COVID crushed those dreams. So instead, we zoomed a few days a week. It was good. But not the same. 

Now, we are going to be able to have her with us a lot more. She is an incredible ballerina who is homeschooling to give her time to focus on her art. She is an amazing role model for my young girls, and I can't wait to have her around more.

When we bought this farm, the Lord gave us two words: 


For many years, our farm served that purpose by hosting many visitors and wwoofers. I never even dreamed we might be able to provide that to another family with two-working parents who needed help homeschooling their incredibly talented daughter. But here we are.

Just tell the Lord: I'm willing and see what asks you to do! She's blessing us as much as we are blessing her for sure!

Here are a few other videos that I wanted to share from our wonderful day in the Sun!


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