Sunday, May 02, 2021

Ballet Showcase

COVID changed so much. So much loss. But also, some amazing gains. Our Ballet Studio: Central Ballet Theatre hosted a little "Ballet Showcase." Girls who were interested (17 participated), worked on a dance piece for many months. Then, they got together to showcase their dance. Zoom judges watched and commented -- giving positive and negative critiques. And while only family could attend, it was a super incredible day!

Thank you to Ms. Emma Jenkins for doing Abigail's make-up. (No lipstick on until the very end due to mask requirements.)

Emma also did Ana and Kari's make-up.

A more serious picture.

Grama Joni got to attend too! Someone snapped this picture of me (in blue) and Joni (in black) as we prepared the auditorium for the show to start.

The three amigos: Isaac, Gabe, and Sidge.

Abigail performed a duet with her good friend Remi. (Thank you to Mauren Sparks for taking these photos.) I actually captured this on film. To see it visit HERE: 

I did not get Abigail's solo on film. I really just wanted to sit and enjoy it. However, if you'd like to view it at a rehearsal, you can do so HERE. Also, here is link to ANA's SOLO and KARI's SOLO. (Again, these are from a final rehearsal.)

Abigail ended up winning first place in her age group. While this was a nice thing to receive, truly, it was working on and "perfecting" her craft that was so wonderful for her. She cried a lot after the show, knowing it was time to put away these costumes and dances.

With her dear friend, Bailee. 

And her friend Sarai, who is the same age as Abigail!

The group of performers!

We managed to get all four kiddos with Joni before we forgot to take the picture!

Abigail was so proud of her awards. 


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