Sunday, May 16, 2021

My Dad is Home

Last night we celebrated Joan’s 70th birthday with a lovely dinner of about 25 people at Cafe Maxx in Fort Lauderdale. I have more pictures to share of that event, but for now, I will be blessed in the fact that my father is home from the hospital after fighting COVID. He is still on oxygen and still feels quite lousy but I hope these will both be short-lived. 

I have not slept well in about a week. My mind has reeled. Covid took a lot out of our family and finding out my dad was sick nearly the same day we decided to completely release ourselves from quarantine felt like a sucker punch. I am really exhausted. I have never been a person who operates well without sleep. 
I have gone to bed a little too late every evening snd then woken up a little too early unable to get back to sleep. 

Due to covid, I couldn’t see my Dad or Mom or brother and his family. However, while initially disappointing, it allowed me to have some quality time with John’s brother, Matt, and his wife and two kiddos. I also got to spend more time with Joni and all her family then I initially thought would be the case. 

Now, I am on my way back home with my oldest and youngest, praying covid can really get behind me now. 

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blair said...

So glad Coach is home. PTL. Prayers continue for a full recovery.