Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Please ...

I received this note from Abigail today ... John is on nights and she wanted to do something "special." Seriously. How does a Mama say no to that.

In other news: 
  • Hannah came down the stairs wearing suspenders attached to her underwear as if that was the most normal thing ever.
  • Another "anonymous child" told me they couldn't figure out why their comforter wasn't drying. (It's because they kept rerunning the washer.  Wrong machine.)
  • We are super excited that our friends, Shane & Linda, have purchased a home down the road from us. While they are still in the military, they plan to use this as a "home base" and an AirB&B property. Super fun! Shane has been here most of the week while Linda is in D.C. securing housing for the year of schooling she has to do there next year. 
  • Tomorrow is our last day of the 2020-2021 school year. Summer here we come!
  • I am heading out of town with three of the kids to celebrate Sidge's friend, Edward's 14th birthday. Because of COVID, Sidge has been pretty isolated from his friends so we are excited for this opportunity.

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