Wednesday, May 19, 2021

My Hannah

My youngest, Hannah Joy Pomegranate Kitsteiner, makes everyone her happier. She is perplexing and insightful and creative and confusing and wonderful. He is so unique, and she truly is a special kid. I really believe she is the type of person who will make the world a happier more upbeat and fun place. Here are a few fun memories of her ... all from today:

Hannah makes me laugh with the outfits she puts together sometimes. This is what she picked out to wear to the Kotynski's for school today.

When I gave her a hard time, she decided to go for a different pair of shoes.

We managed to find her some shorts AND pants overalls while in Florida ... she loves them. We had to drive over to Shane & Linda's house today so she and Arabelle rode together in the back of John's truck.

I simply love how much of a "country kid" Hannah is. I realized that this chick doesn't know anything but life on the farm ... she IS a farm kid.

She decided to see what she looked like with bangs on. Her hair looks quite blonde here, and, we decided bangs really do NOT suit her.

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