Wednesday, May 12, 2021

My Dadio and COVID


My Dad has COVID. And he's in the hospital in Coral Springs. This has been an emotional 48-hours for our family as you can imagine. 

I was already scheduled to fly out tomorrow (Thursday) with Isaac and Hannah. It's Grama Joni's 70th birthday on Saturday, and we are having a party. I wanted Isaac to attend the party as there will be some family there that has never met him. We opted to split the kids up. Leave the birders home with their Daddy who doesn't work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. And the non-birders will fly with me to Florida.

Of course, now, I won't be able to see my Dad or Mom or my brother's family due to COVID exposure. While I'm not concerned about contracting COVID because I’ve already had it myself, we can't be sure that our kiddos had COVID, and therefore we need to be safe. We also want to keep Joni and her birthday party safe.

So, I've changed plans. I'll be staying with John's brother, Matt, his wife, Dani, and their two girls. This actually brings me joy, as I never get to see as much of Danielle as I would like to.

As for my Dad, he has pneumonia but is in very stable condition. I am writing this to remember this time in my life as this Blog is my journal. But I am also writing to ask you to please pray for my Dadio. He's very special to me and my brother and his eight grandchildren, and we have no desire to lose him. My mom will be retiring sometime in the next few years, they have bought a house here in Greeneville, and we are hoping to get to spend some great time with them in the future.

I find it ironic that the same week we finally "released" ourselves with the Kotynski's from intense quarantining from this virus, my father contracts it. My heart had finally sat down after a year of BATTLES than only the family of a frontline worker can experience ... and now, a new and much more intimate battle is waging. 


The Mac's House said...

Prayers for your Dads health. Prayers for your trip to Florida.

TAV said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear this; despite the vaccine??? Prayers for healing.

Beth said...

Praying for your Dad's healing and for your heart to have peace.