Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Our friends Shane and Linda gave John this bear! 

Update on my Dad from my Mom:

Update on George:
We saw a pulmonologist & our primary.
They reduced oxygen use to just when he exerts himself & he has been tolerating that well.
His lungs sound clear but x-rays still show some pneumonia so we need to watch that.
Breath of God flow thru his lungs!!!
He lost 20 lbs!!! 
We have some God stories to share sometime! God did some amazing things!!
Thank you for the texts, calls, cards, meals and mostly the prayers!
We are so grateful!!!
Onward & upward!

Thank you for all the prayers for my Dad.

This has been a VERY emotional time for me. To be quite frank, my Dad getting sick with COVID right after we sort of "released" ourselves here in TN, was like a fierce sucker punch. I feel prepared to lose my Dad. I know and pray that he goes before me, as it should be. But I just could NOT bear to lose him to this stupid virus that had rocked our world here in TN for so long. 

I am NOT trying to make this about me. It isn't about me. It's about my Dad, but the truth is, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am medicated and practice a lot of good techniques to avoid going into that pit. But this event, started me down there. I am doing fine, but am truly SO thankful that COVID did not cause me to lose my Dad.

P.S. A complete sidenote. I really do "dislike" the word "essential" when it comes to people involved with this crisis. Aren't we all "essential"? However, I appreciate the sentiment and the effort to say that those on the frontline need some extra "strength" during this time.

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