Friday, November 09, 2018

Unicorn Blood

Check this out! And believe it or not,
there is no color manipulation!
This was really the color.
What do you do on a cold, wet, overcast day? Make ice cream of course! 

Our friend Kymberly allowed us to take some of her Prickly Pear Fruit from her yard last week.

(A quick note: Even if you tell children "Don't touch this fruit it has tiny thorns even though you can't see them," they may not listen. Two kids had to ride home with their hands up in the air waiting for Dad to remove all the thorns.)

Then, today, they moved onward with the fruit and made what Isaac named "Unicorn Blood" ice cream! Here was the recipe:

The pears before they were turned into Ice Cream!
1. Prickly Pear fruit juice (aka cactus fruit or opuntia) for all of you who wanted to know. 
2. Freshly-squeezed Orange Juice
3. Lemon Juice
4. A Handful of Raspberries
5. Sugar
6. Whipping Cream

In the end, all nine kids here today for homeschool liked it EXCEPT Sidge. All adults liked it EXCEPT Wendi (aka "me!") Sidge and I seem to share a pallet for sure. 

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