Friday, November 16, 2018

The juxtaposition of my life

The truth of my life: I want to be nowhere else while simultaneously wishing I could curl up under my covers for days on end.

As the day draws to an end here on the farm and the animals are all tucked in bed, I often find myself so incredibly exhausted. I often wish I could go to bed well before "bed time" is here in our house.

People ask me how I have the time to blog. It is my short snippet of "me" time. I usually take this time while my husband reads to my kids at night. He reads for a long time, and I use this time to catch up on my computer stuff. 

On the days that he does nights, I get them to bed much faster than he does, and take the same time for myself -- writing and emailing and typing away.

I find that while my kids are with me, I really can't be on the computer for more than a few moments at a time. I get too distracted and too frustrated that I cannot focus on what I am doing.

So usually I do my "house thing" during the day -- cleaning up, laundry, feeding kids, animal chores -- and then in the evening, I sit down and try to catch up on everything that has piled up on me throughout the day.

The last few days I have felt especially exhausted. I think a big part of that is because it's been raining NON-STOP which does not go well with farm kids who are used to playing outside A LOT. 

Oh the noise!

Oh the wrestling indoors!

Oh the ... well, check it out for yourself as a big shipment of Christmas packages from our Grama in Florida equals bubble wrap galore:


When it rains and rains and rains (and it is in the 20's and 30's to go with that rain), sometimes the only choice is fun inside. But with four children (and nine when the cousins are here with us) it can get awfully loud. 

Want proof? Try this video on for size -- we turned our boxes into a bit of indoor fun:

I love being a mom. I wouldn't wan to be or do anything else. But lest you think you are alone, let me tell you, you are NOT alone. I am one whipped pup at the end of a day. And at the end of a week?

Put a fork in me.

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