Saturday, December 23, 2017

Stitches #8

Here is the impressive past record of stitches in our house since 2011:

Guess what? Today ... was #8. 

I'm trying not to be a big bump on the log. But it's very rainy here on the farm. And JB is working every night. And thank goodness Veronica is here with me, but it's kind of a bummer having your husband working through the whole Christmas break and that he has to sleep during the day while it's raining outside and you and your four kiddos are trapped in your still-not-rennovated-yet-house. You have lots of friends, but let's face it, they are all busy doing their own family things. So that leaves you and the rain and your farm.

Did I mention that I've been really exhausted (not sure if it is an illness or what) and in the middle of last night, Isaac threw up (this happens when he gets migraines but he could also possibly be sick) and Hannah wet the bed (which hasn't happened in forever.)

Debbie Downer.
Didn't mean to do that.
I was instead going to talk about ... stitches!

Around noon, I took all four kids upstairs to put their laundry away. We always do this as a team. Hannah had one hand on each side of the door jam, her socks slipped, and her hands flew behind her. She ended up clobbering the tile with her chin.

I know enough about chins and tile to immediately look at her chin. I've also learned after seeing kiddos needing stitches enough times, what is a stitches injury and what is just a basic cut. I immediately knew this was the former. 

I yelled to Veronica, she scooped Hannah up on her lap, and I called JB who is sleeping at his parents house while they are visiting one of their kiddos in Portland. He answered, which is shocking. That guy is usually dead to the world during his day-time sleeps. (He has to use sleep meds and ear plugs and light blockers and everything to sleep during the day.)

Poor JB arrived at our house in a fog. But he was, as always, amazing with our little girl. "V" captured a few videos during the adventure. (If you are squeamish, you may want to pass on these.)

And here are a few more photos of our tough girl doing a great job:

Me explaining to Hannah what was about to happen.

JB doing his thing despite being only half awake.

No big surprise. Abigail wants to watch. This kid LOVES medical stuff.

Hannah wanted to see what happened so Veronica took a picture to show her how bad the cut was.

She wanted a picture of the final product to see too!

Our cutie pie. She was so brave!

Love this little lady.

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TAV said...

I am shocked we haven’t had to do stitches (yet) or had a broken bone. Just waiting...