Saturday, December 30, 2017

A short and sweet getaway

Thanks to Veronica being here, this past week we had an opportunity to get out of town for just one night. My mom's sister, Janet, and her husband, Ed, were taking a bit of a sabbatical about 90 minutes from our home, and they invited us to join them. Also in attendance were Ed and Janet's youngest son, Eddie and his wife, Hannah, and their five children. They actually live in Asheville, and have become very good friends of ours. 

Janet organized a gingerbread-making "contest". It was great fun! Here are some photos of the adventure:

Abigail (who had some help from Daddy)

Isaac working hard ...

Oein working on his masterpiece.

Check out the chin of Anna ... believe it or not, just an hour after we arrived, Anna fell and cut open her chin. John had to administer stitches. Ha! It never ends!

Abigail with her main man (and my main man too).

This is my mom's sister, Janet, helping Isaac with his gingerbread house.

Sidge goofing around

My first cousin, Eddie, with his son, Oein

Genevieve and her house.

Hannah being helped by Eddie's wife, Hannah

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Katey said...

You look a lot like your Aunt Janet. I first thought it was you with a hat on!