Friday, June 05, 2015

Friday Funnies

The other day, Sidge saw a person who was very old. His skin was a bit saggy, something I didn't even think about or notice until we walked away and Sidge asked me, "Mom, why does he have hanging chin skin?"


You find all kinds of things when you are moving. I found this little apple game. It has a worm attached, and you are supposed to figure out a way to remove the worm from the apple. It is one of the "Rubix Cube" type of games. Sidge wanted to try it, and I was amazed at how long he was sticking with it. But suddenly I noticed he was getting more and more agitated.
Sidge: "Mom, can you show me how to do this?"
Me: "I can't Sidge. I have no idea how to do it."
Sidge: "Well, I don't understand why they made it?"
Me: "They wanted to stretch your brain. To make you think. To make you ...."
Sidge: "Frustrated?" 
Yeah. That too.


I have hung a cross up in the laundry room above the spot where I am changing Hannah. I have been trying to use it as a reminder to talk to her about the Lord during these few minutes of private time we share. Hannah repeats everything so it only took one time for me to get her to say the word "cross." I then started telling her that Jesus died on that cross. "Baby Jesus" she will repeat. So now we can say "cross" and we can say "Baby Jesus." In addition, Hannah can easily say her own name "Hannah" but for some reason, she likes to call herself "Hiney." All right, stage is set.

Me: "Hannah what is this?"
Hannah: "Cross."
Me: "And who died on this cross?"
Hannah: "Hiney did."

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