Monday, June 08, 2015

Guess Who Fun

My boys have the Superhero Guess Who game. They were playing with their cousins today but getting a little bored with the same people over and over again. 

I looked online, and you can buy different cards for the Guess Who game. But of course, being the cheapskate I am, I decided to see if there was a way around spending the money.

Firstly, Hasbro does have some free cards that will actually fit in your current Guess Who game. However, these aren't that exciting so I decided to look a little deeper.

Pinterest has TONS of ideas as well for making cards yourself and fitting them in your game. (This is a lot of work.)

One option is to actually just print cards out on paper and use markers to play the game. In this fashion, the cards don't have to fit the traditional Guess Who game board. Very easy and no work involved. (A huge plus for me!)

I actually found Star Wars cards. (Major score for Mom!) We used Bingo markers, but you could also use pennies.

The Star Wars cards we used

The kiddos playing with their cousins. We actually played with four people -- to games of two people at the same time.

Abigail, who will be 4 next month, can play Guess Who with some good over-the-shoulder guidance. Generally, I think you need to be 5-6 to really be able to understand the logic of the game. My boys now get it easily!

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