Sunday, June 07, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Being Neighborly

While we were still in Spring Hill, our neighbor, Billy, got to know Dad and Mom pretty well. Dad and Mom even visited their church down the road one Sunday compete with about a dozen elderly locals. 

It's interesting to call someone your "neighbor" when they actually live about a half mile away, but nevertheless, Billy and his wife Gay are our neighbors. We didn't have a lawnmower yet on the property so Billy brought his tractor over and spent four hours cutting our grass for us. Billy is probably in his late sixties and looks like he has worked outside most of his life. What a sweet man.

Dad and Mom attempted to pay him or thank him in some way, but all Billy said was, "I'm just being neighborly."

JB and I actually got over there this morning with all the kids to meet Billy and his wife Gay. They gave us our second helping of tomatoes. And while we were standing and chatting, we looked down and saw Abigail, without being able to help herself, had started eating one just like an apple. They have goats and rabbits and all kinds of chickens and other animals.

I have a feeling that this couple may turn out to be really special people in the lives of our family.

Here's a picture of the mowing in process

What a kind thing to do!

Dad and Mom needed to make sure the newly planted trees weren't mistaken for grass. A rocker would do the trick! (JB got me two of these rockers for my Mother's Day present this year. I love them!)

Scrubs watching the lawn work in action.

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Jennifer said...

How neat! My grandparents owned a farm while I was growing up and we would always go visit the "neighbors", though you couldn't even see their house from my grandparents. Everyone looked out for each other though. Love that about country life!