Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Bought a Farm: from V's perspective

In 2010 I found out I was pregnant with Abigail, unexpectedly, while living in Turkey. Having two two-year-old boys and knowing I would need to live in Germany for a long period of time in preparation for this baby's arrival, the Lord orchestrated details for a long-time family friend, Veronica Ray, to come and live with us in Turkey and Germany during this time. 

We had known Veronica since she was a very little girl and had actually lived in the same house with her, her three siblings, and her parents, when we lived in Minnesota. (We had an apartment under their house.) Ron and Ebby will always be very special friends to us, solidified even more by Veronica living with us for a year. 

She truly was a part of our family during that year. We will always love and appreciate her honesty, sincerity, and devotion to our family. 

Another thing I always appreciate is her photography. She really has an eye. Now in the Air Force herself, she took some leave to drive from Texas to Tennessee to see us! Here are a few of her snaps during the three days we spent with her.

We love you Veronica!

Check out Veronica's ladder!

A favorite page of mine too, Veronica. 

Veronica cropped herself out of this selfie. Abigail is totally into winking when she smiles.

A nice shot of our home.

Hopping over a pile o' dung.

Hitting herself repeatedly with the ball and paddle game.

I think I've decided that the boys silly-face obsession originated with this woman.

Abigail willingly posed for all of V's pics.

Watching "How to Train your Dragon I"

Abigail and Veronica went on a hike together -- typical Abigail hikes in her dress and dress shoes. I give up getting this kid in jeans!

The girls couldn't quite say her name -- so they created their own version of it.

And here is a fun video from 2010:

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